According to the orthodox monk and writer Nicolae Steindhardt “Om în rai“ - Romanian for ‘Men in heaven’ - is an anagram for the word Romania, referring to archaic society in the Carpathian mountains. A representation of the essence of living on earth in the mountains of Romania, - some of the oldest in Europe - where one finds his heaven, not the scripted biblical heaven, but his own.
This is a series about the flawed but thruthful spiritual enlightment of one touching heavenly paths, through own experience along the mountains.
Everything here seems real. Everything here transcends notions of self liberation, religious rules, shame, fear for the unseen and blame for the non-ruled. The mountains are often harsh and tell you what you need to hear. It takes you further onto heavenly earth, if but for a moment.
I myself have made long pilgrimages in nature and have been in self isolation.
I have connected to that profound sense of oneness and depth of being alive.
Often in awe of what nature offers.